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This search tool provides School Attendance Area and Transportation Zone information for Lakeville Area Schools ISD #194 addresses as determined by the Board of Education.
The Search Results may not include every district address (such as new addresses that have not yet been entered into our database).

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  • Enter all of the house number and/or the first word of the street name
    (or at least the first letter(s) of the first word of the street name)
  • Press the Enter key or Click on the "Search" button
  • Results will display under "Search Results"
  • Click on a "Transportation Zone" link for general ISD 194 Transportation information
  • Click on a "School Website" link to go to that school's web site
House Number and/or Street Name (first word or first letters of the first word only)
Created by Douglas Ninow, Lakeville Student Information Specialist (Revision: 2022.09.30)